dancing treadmill woman.

by la rebelde

Yesterday, huffing and puffing on a treadmill facing the windows near my gym’s entrance, I watched a woman skip her way down the sidewalk—literally skip, not jog, not run, but skip. Shortly after, she charged through the isles between workout machinery and sweaty gym-goers to a treadmill closest to the windows, and in my direct line of vision. She put on her ear-buds and set the treadmill to a very low setting and, to my surprise, she started dancing!

First it was slow and deliberate dancing—like stretching almost. Then it was salsa and slow merengues, followed by the twist and what looked like a version of the “roger rabbit.” She was really getting into it—turning left and right, her arms fully extended as she moved to the rhythm of music that only she could hear. I silently hoped that no one at the machines next to her would get knocked out. She seemed to care less that everyone appeared to be watching her. She smiled as she danced on the moving floor beneath her feet. And I couldn’t help but smile to watch her—and so did everyone in my row of treadmills. All of us, smiling and jogging simultaneously.

She must know what she’s doing, I thought, because she is seriously toned. If treadmill dancing is all she does, then she’s figured out the workout secret, for reals! I was disappointed when she finally left the cardio area. I glanced at the man running next to me (I think I’d seen him at my spinning class before), who was grinning from ear to ear. We both giggled a bit before he said, “Whatever she’s smoking, I want some of that!” I’m not sure you’d have to smoke anything to have that kind of vibe—confident, graceful, quirky, fun. But I do know that all the smiling while running made me go a little bit faster and it made the time go by in a flash. I hope to witness the dancing treadmill woman again soon.

What a gift to be able to channel good energies to people around you, while just doing your own thing!

9 Comments to “dancing treadmill woman.”

  1. Couldn’t you just see Jennifer doing something like that? ;-)

  2. You are a running diva.

  3. omg–totally jennifer! ;)

    running diva? i like the sound of that!

  4. this is such a cool story. LA is craaazy, but in a good way. you must demonstrate some day, ha?

  5. Hah. She sounds like fun. As I was leaving work on Monday, I put my earbud on and was sorta grooving to the music when one of my coworkers caught me. He smiled, but I felt weird. I’d love to dance without caring what anyone thinks. That takes a lot of confidence.

  6. i never got to the comments on this post. i would so NOT dance on a treadmill in public! in public, it’s strictly the dance floor. well. mostly. ;)

  7. jennifer: aww, we love you girl!

  8. You reminded me of my aerobics class in the Rio Grande Valley in 1993. There was a small clique of aerobics prima donnas who did all kinds of elaborate extra moves. I think they actually did competitive aerobics. I eventually managed to talk to some of them, and it turned out they were all hopped up on Formula One, which the FDA now says is dangerous, and which has been replaced with a new form of legal speed. Maybe we don’t want to be the dancing woman after all.

  9. so maybe the dancing treadmill woman WAS on something more than just good energy! i still want to see her again.

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