seven random-ass things about me.

by la rebelde

Okay, so I tagged a couple of amig@s in recent weeks. And I’ve been tagged back by Olga over at bloga yo la tejo with this meme. I did a similar meme a few weeks ago. And it’s hard because I tend to be an open book about a lot of things…um, I talk too much about myself. Anyway, here’s my attempt to dig up some stuff!

  1. Mi manito used to call me “Sava” when he was a toddler because he couldn’t pronounce my name all the way. Mi papá is the only one who still calls me that—and most of the time he just calls me “Sav” for short. (In northern nuevo méxico, words that other mexicanos would spell with b’s are often spelled with v’s, so I don’t know how you would even spell this right. Although my actual name has a b not a v, but wouldn’t it be cool if it was a v instead?)
  2. My favorite television pastime is watching sitcoms, even if they’re bad. I just think they can be so damn funny! My favorite as of late, is Girlfriends.
  3. In 2001, when I decided to move to Tejas for the second time to rekindle my relationship with academia, which I’d left in an angry frenzy a year before (following my first year of grad school), my grandparents bought me a cute little silver 13” t.v. I dragged that t.v. set with me to small-midwestern-college-town where it fit perfectly in my series of teeny apartments. A few weeks ago when he came to visit with my other manito and mis prim@s, mi manito surprised me by bringing me the 24” (i think) flat-screen t.v. from his guest room. Now my amig@s can stop teasing me about my teeny t.v. And maybe they’ll be more inclined to watch t.v. at my place when they come to l.a. Hopefully I won’t become a couch potato!
  4. My study area is my favorite room in my apartment. Unfortunately it’s also the room I avoid the most.
  5. I eat the same things over and over—variations on the turkey sandwich (finally with green chile now! also brought to yours truly by my amazing lil bro), oatmeal with raisins, sautéed chicken & asparagus or baby bok choi with rice, egg & cheese bagel sandwiches and beans & red chile. I do this because I’m lazy (hate grocery lists and hate doing dishes) and I’m single (don’t know how to cook for less than 5 people, which means if I cook, I’ll be eating the same thing for a week). But I am quite bored with my dietary patterns.
  6. For the last few months, I’ve been considering getting a texture wave because I’m convinced it will make my hair less flat and take less time in the morning. But I haven’t had a perm since circa…the ‘90s and I’m afraid of major hair damage and/or looking like an electrocuted poodle. I’m also worried that it will be a physical manifestation of some kind of self-hatred/internalized sexism that I haven’t come to terms with yet.
  7. Jennifer gave me the idea for this one a couple months ago. I could write a really long post about it, but I’ll try to be brief here: At my high school in West Virginia (my family moved there from Burque back in 1991 and I lived there for the longest 4 years of my life), the mascot was the “Mohigan” which was a play on the name of the yearbook, but more importantly, a racist caricature of native peoples and a legacy of the ongoing violence of colonization. The marching band there was like a lesser version of high school football in Texas (if you’ve seen Friday Night Lights, you know what I mean. Great show, btw!) The majorettes in the marching band were ranked like cheerleaders: majorettes were like varsity, mohiganettes were like j.v. Both wore knee-high white boots with corduroy pocahontas-like mini-dresses, in red or blue with white fringe or in white with red or blue fringe. Each wore beaded headbands that held up the single feathers that stood vertically on the backs of their heads. And the head majorette even wore a floor-length feather-head-piece in red, white and blue. They twirled batons, did leg kicks, and looked cute in front of the band during parades and on the football field. That’s just one example of the institutionalized racism I experienced during my high school years. (Don’t get me started on “slave day”!) Anyway, here’s the random thing for this meme: When I was a sophomore, I tried out to be a mohiganette. I don’t know why I didn’t make the line—maybe it’s because I was not “popular,” not rich, too short, too chubby, or too brown—the teenage version of myself thought it was all of the above, especially the last. I didn’t doubt the athletic/dancing abilities of those girls—preparation for tryouts was an intense workout. And I didn’t envy the adolescent body-image issues that must have been heightened with having such a public and sexualized position in the school community, not to mention the rumors that there was a weight limit to make the line. By senior year, I was glad I didn’t make it and more happy to wear the woolen uniform with coat tails and white cottony q-tip hat. I liked the girls in the piccolo line. And I liked to put my piccolo in my pocket during field rehearsal. Now, I’m glad I didn’t make because I never put on one of those fucked up costumes. Unfortunately though, I still remember how to do the dances to the fight songs. Don’t even ask… I will not demonstrate…unless the moon is just right and you’ve bought me several tequila gimlets!

Phew! Why can’t I list seven random-ass things about myself without telling whole narratives? Maybe it’s a professional hazard. Anyhow, I tag kisha kisha bo-bisha (bad-ass chica with a plan) and angie la dissident brown chick (cuz I know she’s needing some procrastination time away from those prelim exam lists, while she sips her tea/coffee in our beloved small-midwestern-college-town).

7 Comments to “seven random-ass things about me.”

  1. I *love* Girlfriends. I even like The Game. Our friend LR begs to differ however and has turned me on the Everybody Hates Chris. But I shouldn’t be expecting quality from my sitcoms, right?

    Can you still play the piccolo? I’d rather hear that than see a drunken girl dance an old racist dance. Cathartic as that may be!

  2. It’s so weird that you ask that because I just had a dream the other night that I was playing the piccolo–except in my head it called a “trumpet.” Very strange, but maybe it’s my subconscious telling me I can still play it! Oh, and the dance to the fight song surprisingly did not have any “Indian” reference–just lots of high leg kicks!

  3. Don’t get the texture wave! Noooo! You’re hair is so pretty the way it is.

    Well, that meme was super entertaining (sorry, I guess I forgot you’d already done one like this). actually, i’m not sorry, because i just learned more stuff about you! like how you kept your piccolo in your pocket…ha ha.

    my sister also has a nickname from when my brother couldn’t say her name, which is sandra. he’d call her nana, and so my dad will sometimes call her that now, as well as tapon. don’t ask.

  4. Dude, you and Jennifer have some messed up high school/junior high school stories. I’m not sure I ever experienced institutional racism so visual in school.

  5. Slave day???????? OMG. Oh, dear.


    And I thought the stupid Tomahawk Chop was bad enough… [one year Jane Fonda was doing it and my parents started screaming at the television, deriding her for abandoning her principles… and rightly so]

  6. I didn’t know you were in marching band!! I was a band geek too, though I played the tuba, which definitely didn’t fit in my pocket!

  7. >> a racist caricature of native peoples and a legacy of the ongoing violence of colonization.

    Get over yourself and work up an original thought.

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