baskin in sunshine.

by la rebelde

This afternoon was one of those perfect springtime afternoons.

After my Spanish conversation class, I met up with a couple of amigas for lunch at Philippe’s, “the birth place of the French dip sandwich.” I’d seen it on the food network a few weeks ago. “An L.A. institution,” they’d said. It was crazy crowded, but we made our orders and found our way to an open table. We each put a bunch of Dijon mustard in our sandwiches, which made our noses wrinkle and tears well up in our eyes. It was pretty yummy, but not six bucks-yummy–not when there’s a $3 Vietnamese sandwich to be had across the street. At least now we can say we’ve been there.

Afterward, one amiga went back to work while the other and I strolled through Placita Olvera. She was looking for a gift for a friend. Then we sat on the plaza, eating creamy-tart mango con chile, watching the world go by and ducking the little birds that zipped through the air between our heads. The sun was shining and amiga—who’s been away at school couldn’t stop talking about how much she loves L.A. I’d forgotten what it’s like to hang out with someone who loves their hometown that much—especially those big city folks from LA and NYC. They have a whole other kind of exceptionalism, which can be really cool when its not oppressive. If you’ve ever known a die-hard New Yorker, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The whole time I tried to keep my dissertation out of my head. Last night I’d been overwhelmed by my writing and this afternoon I was straight chillin’ at the site of my dissertation story—only a hundred years later. I tried to keep my stories to myself. That’s really hard for historians, because really, we could talk about it forever.

Now back at my desk in my apartment, I still feel the nourishment of sun on my skin. But now I must get back to the writing. And all I want to do is chill with my amigas.

7 Comments to “baskin in sunshine.”

  1. oh, seems like today was a good day in dissertationland…

    my friend took me shopping since i had spent two months searching for the ‘perfect’ desk chair. after an early dinner he built it for me and left so I could get back to my writing :)

  2. what a great friend! and i agree, one should never underestimate the power of the ‘perfect’ desk chair!

  3. But you’re writing! that’s so exciting…please do me a favor and send some good writing vibes over this way.

    If you ever want to come to Chicago and hear me talk endlessly about how much I love it, just let me know. :-)

  4. I hear you on the “nourishment of the sun” on one’s skin. I’ve been loving the very warm weather and taking advantage by wearing skirts. The sun feels so good.

    In my experience, the people who talk most highly about their hometowns/states are the Chicagoans and the Texans. I’ve never met a Chicagoan or a Texan that does not love their respective city/state. The LA folks seem too cool to gush about all the things they love, unless they’re a transplant. Maybe we just take LA for granted.

  5. sounds like an awesome afternoon.

    “nourishment of the sun”. i’ve forgotten what warmth from the sun feels like…you’ve got me craving it now!

  6. You know, I’ve never been a big fan of Felipe’s. My dad used to take us there when we were younger. You know what kind of threw me off? The sawdust on the floor. I haven’t been in years, so I don’t know if they still have it…but even in my child mind I didn’t think that sawdust on the floor was sanitary.

    I love the early Spring sun. I can see how it makes L.A. seem like a wonderful place, full of limitless possibilities.

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